Meet 6 Key Points to Get Better Results in Bodybuilding!

Do you use or have you used tactics to get better results in bodybuilding? If so, congratulations, they make all the difference, since this is one of the sports that most depends on the dedication of those who practice it.

To obtain better results in bodybuilding it is necessary to dedicate yourself not only to the training itself, but also to a series of factors that are fundamental, such as food, rest and even psychological.

In addition, an organized athlete will always be one step ahead of other practitioners, since weight training is a sport with many repetitions and the chances of getting confused between one set and another are great.

For this, the following article will list 6 fundamental points to obtain better results in bodybuilding, which may be in relation to food, training, focus, motivation, among others. It is worth checking!

Shall we go then?

1 - Train for earnings!

Forget about arriving at the gym and justifying everything! Forget that there are people wanting to talk to you and forget your comfort zone. Just focus on your goal!

always train with the goal of gains

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You did one of the most difficult things that was getting there, so are you going to get discouraged right now? Of course not, right! So, when you get to the gym, focus!

You will be responsible for the success or failure of your training. What will you choose for yourself?

2 - Keep your goals in mind

What did you go to the gym for? To chat or to train? If you went to train, congratulations, you're on the right track! However, if you went to train, you need to know what your goals are.

What do you search? Increase in muscle mass? Maintaining lean mass and reducing the percentage of body fat? Better physical conditioning?

No matter what your goal is! You have to seek, therefore, nobody can do it for you. When you know what you have to do, everything goes much easier.

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When you have in mind “I need to gain lean mass”, you know that you will have to arrive at the gym and do whatever is necessary to achieve this goal.

keep your goals in mind to achieve better results in bodybuilding

Now, if you arrive at the gym without knowing for sure what you want, without having in mind what needs to be done, unfortunately you will achieve absolutely nothing! Always stay focused on what you want!

Escaping goals in the middle of training can also be considered a mistake. Most people will even train focused, but when they get to the gym, anything can distract them.

So leave it to chat, get on social media or whatever before or after you start training. Dedicate yourself exclusively to his training in the minutes you have set aside for him.

3 - Have a spreadsheet of your training progress

You can even remember one or two exercises you did last week and the load and repetitions done. However, you will never remember 100% of everything and, if you have no parameters on how your progress is going, it will not help the effort!

When you draw a spreadsheet of your training progress, it makes you, without realizing it, in the next training you want to excel and this can be a motivation for yourself.

organize yourself with pancakes for better results in bodybuilding

Not that you should stick to numbers only, but they can be a very useful tool and that you can have at your disposal to help you get the most results.

4 - Visualize, mentalize

Many experienced athletes like to arrive at the gym without a defined “script”. That is, they train what they think they should train that day. However, with novice individuals, this may not work.

That's because, the chances of them getting confused and performing the wrong exercises become much greater. This can disrupt the results and, on top of that, cause possible injuries.

know which exercises you should practice at the gym

Thus, when you already have in mind what you need to do and how you should do it, it’s simpler to do it at the gym.

5 - A good pre-workout meal

A pre-workout meal has no rules, it can vary not only according to nutritional needs, but also with preferences, spacing of training hours, compositions, availability of food, etc.

Regardless of what or what your cases are, you cannot train without being well fed. It is always necessary to give due attention to this factor, since we need energy to train well.

Try to have a good solid meal 90 minutes before your training. Remembering
that it is not primarily responsible for the presence of energy compounds in the muscle.

It will only promote processes that will improve your performance and will also help accelerate your post-workout recovery.

This meal must be composed primarily of energetic components such as carbohydrates and low amounts of lipids (fats) and proteins of high biological value.

Give preference to a good pre-workout meal

When necessary, you can still, a few minutes before training, take a shake of amino acids with or without some type of carbohydrates that are easier to digest, such as waxy maize.

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In addition, the use of some supplements such as Beta-alanine, the glutamine, ornithine, norvaline and L-Citrulline can also help at this time.

Again, always remember to consider your individual needs, which is the most important point here to make appropriate choices.

6 - Self motivation

Many people seem to depend on having a person by their side all the time stimulating them, ordering them to do one more repetition or saying that they are capable.

It turns out that this can happen in training, but it won't happen all the time, in the end, Bodybuilding results don't just depend on training, but on your day-to-day life as a whole.

It is no wonder that several personal trainers literally win in the cry: "They are only there to psychologically assist the person with screams!"

Always have a motivation to go training daily

Although stimuli are always good, if you don’t have your own motivation to do things, nothing will do, whether inside or outside the gym.

You are the most interested in your earnings, so be responsible for guiding your way to it. Therefore, you will need to believe in yourself and you will need to have your own motivation on a daily basis.


There are many factors that can make you achieve the desired results in bodybuilding. However, at the same time, there are several factors that can hinder these same results.

That way, if necessary, write down these tips and read before each workout. Make it a daily habit and note the progress in your results. Then tell us here in the comments if it worked.

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Good training!

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