Durateston: One of the Most Powerful Testosterone (Anabolic)!

Inside or outside your gym you probably have heard of a drug called Sustanon, Is not it? After all, it is one of the most famous and effective anabolics there is.

Although well known, not all people know how to use this substance correctly, and this can be quite dangerous, since the side effects can be quite severe. sustanon it is one of the most used substances among bodybuilders to increase muscle mass, and has been widely discussed in recent years, either for its benefits, administration or side effects.

This article was written with this in mind! Here you will learn everything about Durateston: What is it, how is it used, what are its risks and benefits, side effects and much more!

Come on?

What is Durateston?

Durateston is an anabolic steroid composed of testosterones linked to esters different, thus promoting a different half-life to each of them, enabling a joint action of the monsters.

Durateston was initially created by Organon Pharmaceuticals which is a company from the USA, however, in Brazil, it was manufactured by Schering-plow and sold by Aspen Pharmacare.

know all about the substance durateston

What differentiates Durateston from other types of testosterones, such as deposteron, for example, are four testosterone-linked esters that are present in it, allowing a half-life in different phases.

There are some advantages in this regard, because testosterone is more readily acted upon through the parts linked to shorter esters and longer and longer lasting action with longer esters.

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So, you don't have to wait long for the medicine to start taking effect. Nor will you lose the anabolic action so quickly, having to administer it (read needling) again in a short time.

Durateston is an anabolic made from four types of testosterone, which we will list below:

  • Testosterone propionate; (half-life: 4 days)
  • Testosterone fempropionate; (half-life: 5 days)
  • Testosterone isocarproate; (half-life: 9 days)
  • Testosterone decanoate. (half-life: 15 days)

It is important to keep an eye and know the substance well before thinking about making any use. Keep reading and learn more about the Sustanon.

How does it work in practice?

Unlike other testosterone anabolics, Durateston is a little more complex. It is easier to enter the organism, reach the cytoplasm and make the connection with an androgenic receptor.

With this, the durateston causes an increase in protein synthesis faster, which is great for muscle gain! The more protein your cell can absorb, the bigger it will get.

Furthermore, the sustanon also plays an important role against muscle catabolism, inhibiting hormonesSuch as cortisol, which can deplete your muscle mass if they are in high amounts in the body.

durateston ampoule

And another functioning of the durateston is in increased red blood cell production (red cells), causing your blood circulation to increase and improving your post-workout recovery.

What is?

Sustanon is used in cases of need for testosterone replacement, that is, in pictures as of hypogonadism, of sexual impotence, erectile dysfunction, lack of androgenicity and so on.

However, as this is a testosterone medication, it also ends up being used in the amateur and professional sports world in order to optimize results in weight training and other sports.

To understand what Durateston is going to do, we have to understand what the main effects of testosterone are. It acts intracellularly, and intranuclearly, that is, it promotes changes within the cell nucleus, unlike other hormones, which act on the cell membrane.

Among the main effects of testosterone on the human body, we can highlight the following:

  • Increased muscle mass by increasing the capacity for protein synthesis;
  • Increased strength;
  • Increased resistance;
  • Fundamental role in the development of practically all tissues of the body (muscular, skeletal, bone, etc.);
  • Reduction in the percentage of body fat;
  • Improvement in physical conditioning;
  • Aspects related to androgenicity (voice thickening, hair growth, etc.);
  • Improved glucose response; and
  • Among others.

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And how the Durateston is an anabolic derived from 4 types of testosterone, we can say that its benefits are the same as testosterone, that is, the same mentioned above.

Its biggest difference is that because it is an anabolic that has testosterones of short and long esters, its action starts as soon as it is applied and has a longer duration than if we use pure testosterone.

Durateston: How to Take?

The best way to use durateston correctly is to seek professional help. However in Brazil, we know that most doctors are not able to help when it comes to using anabolic steroids in an aesthetic way. So I recommend that you seek help from the Formula of the Giants!

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Due to the lack of follow-up in Brazil and most doctors are not able to use anabolic steroids, Ricardo created a Complete Program that will help you in using anabolic steroids. Whether you are a beginner or not!

Within the Formula of the Giants you will have everything you need to start a cycle on the same day that you become a student, having cycles already set up, with dosages, form of use, TPC and everything else. And as a free gift you take home a super Training module and a Diet module, to further maximize your results!

Side effects of Durateston

Despite the benefits that Durateston can generate for aesthetic results, its use in dosages higher than recommended may also have some very relevant side effects.

Therefore, it is important that you get to know them in order to prevent them, and even use the forms necessary for their control.

Between main side effects of Durateston, we highlight:

- HTP axis inhibition

Testosterone is a hormone produced within the human body. When we inject testosterone through external routes in excess, the tendency is for the body to understand that there is a lot of that hormone inside it for its production.

Over time (short time), the LH and the FSH that stimulate natural production stop being produced and we have what we call inhibition of the HTP axis.

Thereby, natural testosterone production for and other effects start to have effects, like the impotence, the infertility and flavoring after discontinuing external use of the drug.

In this case, the ideal is to perform a good TPC (post cycle therapy). However, it is necessary to evaluate each chart individually to know which are the best protocols to be adhered to.

- Flavoring

While using Sustanon, aromatization can also occur, especially by the enzyme aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen.

This results in problems, such as fluid retention, the gynecomastia, among others. Although also important, estrogens, when at very high levels, can have effects that reduce lean mass and your gains Also.

They can also make the body starts to store body fat in larger quantities, further damaging the aesthetics.

- Increased DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

Another conversion that can occur is from testosterone to DHT by 5-Alpha Reductase, enzyme responsible for this conversion. This causes some relevant side effects to occur with greater intensity.

Among them: the increased skin oiliness and acne (pimple)the increased risk of prostate cancer, the baldnesscan reduce mineral levels in boness, among others.


To try to reduce these side effects, in the case of baldness and acne, which are the main points observed by most people, the use of cosmetics in cream may be the most suitable.

Still, to reduce the oiliness of the skin, smaller amounts of lipids (fats) and Complex B vitamins in the diet.

- Increase in cholesterol

Cholesterol can have its levels elevated during the use of Durateston, including bringing changes to the lipid-carrying lipoproteins (raising LDL and reducing HDL).

Therefore, it is very important to use cardioprotective substances (protectors of the heart), such as Resveratrol, fish oilthe CLA, lipoic acid, among others. Obviously, this will not reduce the damage, but it will mitigate so that they are no longer intense.

It is also necessary to have good control in the diet, paying special attention to lipids and carbohydrates is essential.

- Hepatotoxicity (liver problems)

It is often said that injectable steroids are not harmful to the liver and that testosterone alone is not hepatotoxic. However, we know that everything is metabolized in the liver directly or indirectly.

That way, testosterone will also pass through there at some point. So, it is always good to consider that yes, it can be hepatotoxic. Not at levels to be compared to a halotestinTo dianabol or hemogenin (oxymetholone), but it will still be harmful to the liver.

You can use some kind of liver protector like TUDCA, the silymarin and the Alpha lipoic acid.

- Other Side Effects

Some other side effects can happen with the use of durateston, such as:

  • Imbalance in blood pressure;
  • Atrophied testicles;
  • Develop prostate cancer;
  • It can inhibit growth if consumed in adolescence;
  • Withhold liquids;
  • Increased likelihood of developing illnesses such as depression;
  • Greater chance of greatly increasing hematocrits.

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Who can not use Durateston?

Women, as I mentioned above, should not use it, because the risks of virilization collaterals (female characteristics) are much greater. There are other anabolic steroids that can be used by them that are not at risk, such as Stanozolol, Oxandrolona e Boldenone! Like all medicines, durateston should not be used by anyone. There is a group of people who should not (under any circumstances) use this medicine, as the risks are much greater!

  • Pregnant and lactating women (who are breastfeeding) then, no way!
  • Children, under the age of 21, who still do not have their body 100% formed, should also stay away from this medication. Unless it is a medical recommendation and with follow-up.
  • People who have cancer problems in the family should stay away as well. Especially if the family's problems are about prostate or breast cancer.
  • People who are allergic to peanuts should not use it either, as the dilution of the medication is done with peanut oil.
  • People with several chronic pathologies, such as epilepsy, renal dysfunction should also not use this medication without medical guidance and monitoring.

In addition to these cases, elderly people should also not use it without medical supervision.

The administration of durateston and its commercialization

Durateston is normally used in dosages from 250mg to 500mg per week for ergogenic purposes. However, it is quite common to have higher dosages. The application is made intramuscularly.

know how to use durateston

Even when it was produced, Durateston was found in ampoules containing 250mg for each 1ml of the product. Currently, its manufacture is discontinued, that is, it is no longer officially manufactured.

However, on the black market, you get the same product from illegal laboratories, but with different names that mix the four testosterone esters. However, it is always worth taking extra care with these laboratories.


Sustanon is an anabolic steroid that combines four types of testosterone esters thus promoting joint use by the body.

Having characteristics to increase lean mass, strength and performance, it is a hormone mainly used by men and that should not be used by women.

Its side effects are not as intense as other substances, but there are and it is essential that you know them to prevent than they can cause you.

Good cycles!

12 comments on “Sustanon: One of the Most Powerful Testosterones (Anabolic)!”

  1. Hello Marcelo.
    I plan on using this drug by administering it once a week for 4 weeks for a total of 4 doses.
    Do you find it necessary to use a TPC cycle after?
    As there are few doses, do you think I will get some gain? Something around 3-4kg?
    I'm on a great diet, I have good supplementation and heavy training.


    I do not make recommendations or opinions on the use of substances of this nature here. Consult the doctor and, preferably, DO NOT use.

  2. Get me a doubt, I'm 33 years old and I'm working out for 2 years I run every day I'm hypertensive I take enalapril and alodipine I did heart tests and everything was normal I would like to know your opinion about taking durateston and being hypertensive even with controlled pressure I have doubts from what I saw the problem and fluid retention, but in relation to this I could take a medication to balance it? What do you think? Thank you in advance!


    No way, friend. You might be taking something that will kill you.

  3. As a matter of fact, even with a post-cycle therapy containing Anastrazole or Tamoxifen, among others, is gynecomastia nullified or is the possibility of this side effect only reduced with the use of Sustanon? Thank you.


    It just lowers the risk.

  4. Marcelo, a usual dosage in sustanon cycles would be 500 mg/week. Do you believe that at the end of the cycle, “weaning” the dosage (eg, decreasing it to 250 mg, 125 mg…) would be interesting? In order not to cause a gross interruption of exogenous testosterone in the body. In light/medium cycles, how many weeks of durateston use is usually done?

    No. Levels higher than physiological already stimulate suppression. It depends on medical advice for use.
    We do not share usage information on the site. Get medical attention.


  5. I'm hypertensive and I take stanozolol with oxandrolone, I control my blood pressure with daily medication, who prescribed it to me was a doctor, in which I have periodic control… What do you have to say about this? Thanks. I do Personal, nutritionist and doctor.

    I don't find it interesting not only for the health issue, but in my opinion, hormonal ergogenics should only be used by professional athletes. It is totally possible to get GREAT and even better results without them through correct protocols.


  6. Hello Marcelo! How many mg does our body absorb weekly without putting off sustanon? And would 10 weeks of using it be a medium-term treatment? I know you don't get too deep into the subject of cycle, but would a ten week cycle with hard following the first six weeks 100mg oxandrolone and the last 4 weeks primambolan would be a high quality cycle?

    It depends on each body. There is no rule.
    It depends on each body for the second question as well.
    As for the combinations, we do not pass this information on the website. If you really insist, medical help is indispensable.

    Honestly, do not use hormonal erogens. A good body without using them is possible.


  7. Very good matter!
    I did 2 years at the gym I stopped 2 years ago and now I came back 3 months ago, the hardness that only my chest grows, look how much I train my arm I have 31cm of biceps, I'm thinking about taking stanozolol with durateston 2 months of 50mg cycle of daily stanozolol and once a week.
    Can I grow my biceps?
    Valew beast !!!



  8. KKK, I saw the story, I see that most are gym goers.
    The questions are always: "and if I take x plus y, what can happen".
    Guys, guys, guys this is a drug, as every drug has the “good” side and the BAD (this is the side that should be observed).
    Extra hormones are those who need it, who have or have had any health problems.
    Wants to get cured (Synonyms: cured strong piebald handsome matured mature re-established healthy cured brushed cunning fine rogue known shrewd awake sharp agile wily athymia bargado goatherd cadimus gypsy awake clairvoyant awake understood, among others.) in none of the above cases has PUMPED.
    You will work out and eat well, you will study and earn money with your head, because women like comfort.

    For those who have heard the word noiado (Synonyms: drugged snot burns finger neurotic worried confused stressed pissed puzzled paranoia madness clueless fool anymore…), it's the same thing as taking a bomb.

    hug to everyone.

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