Know the Best Anabolics for Muscle Gain

The use of anabolic steroids is increasingly common, either by professional athletes or by amateurs seeking faster results. There are several types of substances on the market, however, the most consumed are anabolic steroids for muscle mass gain.

They also have the ability to reduce factors which would limit muscle mass gain. anabolic steroids have the ability to optimize processes, such as those of protein synthesis, making it possible for you to obtain faster results, due to the hormonal increase that your body receives. We used to say that anyone who uses anabolic steroids, in the correct and safe way, becomes a “super human”.

Although they all increase muscle mass, some fulfill this role more efficiently than others, which makes them preferable in the period of muscle mass gain.

In this article, we will list for you the 3 Best Anabolics for Muscle Gain, in addition to explaining a little about its functions and ways of use.

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1- Testosterone with long esters (cypionate, enanthate, decanoate, isocarproate etc)

A Testosterone is the main male hormone (although it is also present in women). It is not only an anabolic hormone, but also androgenic.

In addition, testosterone is the "mother" of all other anabolics, since, directly or indirectly, everyone is derived from it.

testosterone cypionate for bulking

It is a hormone produced from the synthesis of cholesterol. Among its main functions, we can highlight:

  • Increased muscle tissue;
  • Fatigue reduction;
  • Increased resistance;
  • Increased strength;
  • Increased libido (sexual appetite);
  • Among many others.

Testosterone is essential for athletes in a period of muscle mass gain. In fact, talking about mass gain without talking about testosterone is like thinking about a plane without wings.

So much because, it will guarantee not only aesthetic effects, but also effects related to the maintenance of physiological functions of the body dependent on it, such as libido, for example.

When used in mass gain period, testosterone is normally used with long estersSuch as cypionate or decanoate. But why that?

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First, because is the ester that guarantees the half-life of the substance, and using long esters we achieve better cumulative effects of testosterone in the body.

Doing this, it will be used for a longer time in the period of mass gain, which is usually longer than cycles focused on muscle definition, precisely because of the greater difficulty in gaining muscle mass than in losing fat.

Long esters too promote a significant improvement in water retention levels which is essential in the mass gain period precisely because:

  • Prevent joint damage;
  • Improve the body's anabolic profile;
  • Maximize the arrival of nutrients in the muscles.

Dosages can depend a lot from cycle to cycle, from person to person and from objective to objective. But normally, most common dosages are around 300-600mg per week, and administration is normally done 2 times a week.

2- Nandrolone (Decanoate or Phenylpropionate)

A nandrolone, better known as Deca Durabolin, is among the most used anabolics in the period of muscle mass gain. It ability to significantly increase body weight.

Even bringing good amounts of water retention (water accumulation), this is an anabolic which provides extremely solid gains, which is ideal for those who want lasting results.

nandrolone decanoate bulking

Nandrolone is extremely anabolic and moderately androgenic. Being a 19-NOR, it will not aromatize, that is, it will not be converted into estrogen (female hormone).

However, it causes significant increases in levels of prolactin (the female hormone responsible for stimulating the mammary glands) and, with that, it can generate gynecomastia very easily.

Another point to note is that it causes severe inhibition on the HTP axis, that is, it should never be used without testosterone together and good CPT (post-cycle therapy), of course.

Women benefit from the use of nandrolone in some cases, and it is relatively interesting to them, since small amounts of nandrolone can provide very large gains.

In addition, the side effects that arise are relatively minor than using testosterone, for example (which is not indicated under any circumstances).

Another point to be highlighted with nandrolone is that it has anti-inflammatory effects, especially in articular tissues.

This makes it essential in the period of muscle mass gain even if it is not the main anabolic of the cycle, since it ensures the prevention of joint wear and greater lubrication of these structures as well.

The most widely used esters of nandrolone are decanoate (longest) and Phenylpropionate (shortest). The first usually causes higher levels of retention, and the second lower, being used for more controlled bulking processes.

  • For men, most common dosages are around 100-250mg per week, in the case of decanoate, while phenylpropionate, somewhere around 200mg a week.
  • For women, the use of nandrolone with the decanoate ester is more indicated, since, due to low dosages, applications can occur only once a week.

3- Boldenone Undecylinate

A Boldenone it is a substance for animal use, however it has been used by athletes and amateur people for years, especially in muscle mass gain processes.

boldenone bulking

Although very little anabolic, boldenone has 3 effects which are very relevant in bulking:

1º- Significant increase in the amount of red blood cells

You will have better tissue oxygenation, greater distribution of nutrients and higher concentrations of iron.

Higher amounts of oxygen, promote a considerable improvement in performance.

2nd - Increased appetite

It is very rare for any individual using boldenone not to notice an increase in appetite. Often the increase is uncontrollable.

For those who are in the period of gaining muscle mass this is great, since you need to eat a lot during this process.

Women often use this anabolic steroid, since, in addition to the results that appear, it is an anabolic steroid which does not usually cause extreme androgenicity (male characteristics).

  • In the case of men, average boldenone dosages can be from 200mg to 500mg per week, even larger doses are not uncommon.
  • For women, somewhere around 25mg to a maximum of 75mg a week they are more than enough, given their greater sensitivity to hormones.

Due to the long ester of undecylinate, boldenone does not need to be administered frequently (can be administered only once a week).

It is also indicated for longer cycles and with long esters anabolic steroids as well. Cycles shorter than 8 weeks with boldenone are practically inefficient.

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There are many anabolic steroids on the market today and in the knowledge of sports medicine. However, some are intended for the purpose of expressive increase in lean mass, such as those mentioned above.

It is always interesting to know the main characteristics of these substances, their side effects and, of course, their most likely forms of use to facilitate your choice, should you need to use them.

Clearly, other anabolic steroids can still be considered very interesting in the period of muscle mass gain, however, in this article we highlight those that, theoretically, are the best options on the market.

Good cycles!

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  1. I would like to talk to an advisor who knows and has a lot of experience with anabolic steroids, I intend to cycle and I want to know more about this.

    EA's advisor is a DOCTOR.

  2. An 08 week cycle of mdrol, durateston and deca durabolin: one mdrol tablet in the first week and one deca and one durateston in the next few weeks. Two pills and a deca and a durateston in the coming weeks. How to prepare my body to receive these anabolic steroids? I know that in the future I will pay for this error.

    Going to the endocrine.

  3. I already had a heart murmur problem when I was 3 years old, I was operated on when I was 4 years old, and I've been working out since I was 14, I'm 19 now. Is there any “POISON” I can take that is less harmful to my heart?


    No. Without medical advice, there is nothing that will not harm you.

  4. I've been training for about 5 years, and I've been out of action for 5 months.
    I want to go back and do a cycle to dry, with a nice muscle definition.
    Today I'm lifting 93kg to 1,74m tall. I always weighed 77kg.
    Can you help me?


    We do not support this type of thing on the site. For this, we always recommend that you go to the doctor for exams and if you are going to use it, it is with evaluation and follow-up.

  5. Good afternoon, I was seeing you put the cypionate for bulking. Would you like to know from which week the results start to appear with Deposteron? Because my endocrine spent 6 ampoules, 1 per week. I'm in the 4th week and I don't see many results. She also gave me stanozolol 4mg 3x a day for 40 days.
    I thank you.

    It depends on each organism. Usually after the fourth, from his long ester. Probably because the dosage is too low for anabolic purposes.


  6. I'm doing a cycle of enanthate + stanozolol, I'm on 4 weeks, but I'm not seeing gains. I'm thinking of getting in with dianabol to see if I can give it an up! What do you think?

    1-4 enanthate 200mg weekly + stano 50mg dsdn.
    4-8 enanthate 200mg sec /thu + stano dsdn .

    Do you need to put on dianabol? Or is it too early to see results?

    Note: this is my second cycle, I did one in 2012 stano + dura.


    We do not pass such information on the website. To do so, seek the doctor.

  7. I took Dianabol for a long time, now that I'm back, I'm taking it, and nothing happens, the bottle is already running out and I haven't had any results. Or saw you talk about closed receivers???

  8. Luciano Antunes Bento

    I would like to know if, used in safe quantities and cycles, some type of carcinoma or tumor can still develop ... liver, etc ...

    1. If I tell you no, I would be lying. Of course, if used correctly and safely, the risks are minimal. But if your body already has a predisposition to develop some disease, it can be "optimized" by the use of anabols.

  9. I'm 20 years old, I go to the gym and I want to use it to gain muscle mass. Which one should I use and most secure? Is it mandatory to use the full cycle or just once is it good enough?

  10. I am a beginner in the gym, and I am 22 years old. What anabolic steroid do I use to gain muscle mass? For the whole body in general

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