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CORE Training: Something effective for bodybuilders?

O core training (core training), another one of functional training from the fitness era, it has been one of the main methods used today for the elaboration of physical exercises in the most different corners of the world and in the most different fitness centers and gyms. Representing one of the trainings that promises health, fitness and excellent physical capacity, the core training today can be considered one of the most present alternative training among the most different individuals practicing or not bodybuilding.

Is core training a type of effective training for bodybuilders?

Despite the relevance and popularity that has been occurring in recent years, core training has been constantly criticized by some more conservative professionals of basic training methods, claiming this degree of ineffectiveness, while, on the other hand, most of its practitioners shows a certain continuity and interest in the practice in view of the results it obtains. But, after all, what is core training? Is it really advantageous and can it be applied to any types of individuals? Was it just another innovation of the fitness era just to deceive its consumer and make an extremely profitable marketing move? Well, we'll find out next ...
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Functional workouts: Are they worth it for the bodybuilder?

Functional training it is something that today is much discussed and we can say, "it is fashionable". In several gyms across the country, you see people using these tactics to try to improve their body condition and it certainly works. However, is this type of training worthwhile for us serious bodybuilders?

Ball push-ups, functional training is really effective for bodybuilders

Training, when looking in the dictionary, is described to us as “Get used, train or undergo training (…)”. Thus, training is the act of training or the act of “educating” a certain creature, a certain part of the body, a certain way of thinking, among many other ways. For example, someone who studies mathematical calculations for the entrance exam is actually “training his mind” for that discipline and for the simplest ways to think about how to solve that problem, calculation or something like that.

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