Coronavirus: Complete Back Training Without Leaving Home

The Government's decree to keep gyms closed has ruined many people's training routine. Even those who are professional or semi-professional athletes are being harmed.

This is happening due to the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) to avoid crowding, that is, many people together in the same place, so that the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) does not spread.

And it was precisely thinking about this disorder that we, from the Bodybuilding Tips Team, prepared this article for you, where you will learn to do a super back workout without leaving home.

Now there is no more excuse for you to leave the results alone. Remembering that this is an adapted training, so that you can do it inside your home while fulfilling the quarantine.

I hope it helps you to at least stay focused and not give up on your goals!


Surely you've already done this exercise at the gym, with the right equipment, haven't you? But I doubt that you ever imagined doing a good paddling exercise in your house, using just a towel.

paddled back towel

Yes, the only thing you will need to perform this exercise, besides your body, is a towel.

When we train in the gym, we have to push hard to pull a resistance towards our chest, correct? Well, this time, who will make this resistance will be your legs.

Well, let's go to the instructions:

  • First, you should sit on the floor, in the same position as doing the regular row (straight spine and legs straight).
  • Take a towel, wrap it so it doesn't tear and place it on the sole of one of your feet, holding it with one hand on each end.
  • Force the muscles in your shoulders back and then pull the towel, using your leg to do the opposite force.
  • You can use one or even both legs to do this exercise. The more counter force you do with your leg, the heavier the pull will be.

Do on average 3 sets of 10 repetitions or even when you can handle it. If you decide to do it with only one leg, it is recommended that you alternate them in each series, so that both are work.

Pulled Superman

The movements of this exercise are similar to a regular pull, however, you will be in a position similar to that of Superman when you are flying.

Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms forward and lift your chest off the floor. Stretch the towel, holding it with one hand at each end.

maxresdefault (1)

Then, pull the towel straight towards your chest, so that your arms do not touch the floor.

While pulling, you should push hard when stretching the towel, so that the muscles are even more recruited.

Same scheme as before: 3 sets of 10 repetitions or until your body can't take it anymore.

But be honest with yourself, that is, if you need to do fewer repetitions, do it, however, do them correctly, ok?

Pulled Alternate Superman

Well, taking advantage of the fact that you are already lying on your stomach, let's amend with a variation of the Superman pull, only this time, alternating this pull.

Basically, your body should be in the same shape as the previous exercise and the movement is practically the same. What changes this time is that you will bring the ends of the towel towards your chest.

back paddled alternating towel

In other words, bring the tip of the towel on the right side to the right chest and then bring the tip of the towel on the left side to the left chest. These movements will be done alternately, ok?

Doing it right you will see how much the muscles of your back will work.

And you can continue following the 3 sets with 10 repetitions on each side, or even when your body can handle it.

Vertical Pull With Chairs

Do you know that pull exercise that you are used to doing on the bar? Well, this is a version adapted to use chairs instead of bars.

pulled chair

  1. First you must place two chairs, one next to the other, with a distance of about 2 steps.
  2. Then, sit between one chair and another and support a forearm in each chair and with your legs stretched and your spine erect (straight), do it to climb.
  3. Repeat these movements and note that the muscles worked are the same as when we are doing the classic pull on the straight bar.

Since this is an exercise that you need to support your own weight, there is no exact number of repetitions to do. So, do 5 sets with repetitions until failure.

Good morning

Now we are going to work a little on your lower back and for that, we are going to make an adaptation of one of the most well-known exercises in the sports environment which is "Good Morning".

Originally this exercise is performed in the gym with barbells and washers, only in this one you will use a backpack with something inside to give weight or even some box.

Good Morning

So, with the backpack, or the box on your back, leave your legs parallel and straight and raise your torso forward, in an upright (straight) manner and return to the starting position.

If you repeat this movement and feel your lower back working, it is correct.

Do 5 sets of 12 reps or until your body asks you to stop.

Inverted Extension

We will end this training with one more exercise to work on your lower back and also a little on your abdomen.

Performing this exercise is very simple, see instructions…

Well, take one of the two chairs you were using before and place it in front of your sofa, with a little less distance from your body.

inverted extension

Support both forearms on the sofa seat and support both feet on the chair seat. Your body should be as straight as possible, okay?

Then, make movements raising your hips upwards, making you feel your lower back. As we are at the end and your body must be tired, you can only do 3 sets of 8 repetitions or even hold on.


I want to thank you for getting here and I want to congratulate you too! After all, not everyone stays focused, even though they can't go to a gym.

Follow all instructions correctly, so that there is no injury and you have to stand still more. If you have any questions, just comment below that our team of experts will be happy to answer.

Strong hug and good training!

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