Deposteron: The Most Known Testosterone Cypionate in the World!

Testosterone is the main hormone present in the body of men. All anabolics are produced from testosterone molecules. However, they differ according to esters, which is the case of deposteron.


However, "Deposteron" is just the trade name of this powerful anabolic steroid that is so used by athletes around the world, whether they are professionals or amateurs. Its scientific name is Testosterone Cypionate.

It is important to make it clear that, women should not use this anabolic steroid. Otherwise, several side effects may arise. Effects that are quite remarkable, since they radically alter their appearance.

If you want to know absolutely everything about this anabolic, I recommend that you continue with me in this reading where I will show you a complete Deposteron guide. Find out what it is, how to use it, side effects and MUCH MORE!

Let's go then?


A Testosterone is a hormone produced in, mainly, by human gonads under the stimulation of 2 hormones produced in the anterior pituitary gland (adenohypophysis) being the LH.

However, we know that it is also possible that FSH (which is also produced in adenohypophysis) has links with this production, or better, with this stimulus.

All of this takes place under the HPT axis. Men, have higher testosterone production, but, it is not absent in women, being also fundamental, but, produced in much smaller quantities.


Its molecular formula is C19H25O2. This, the main male hormone plays fundamental roles in the growth of different tissues (especially the reproductive and muscular tissues).

In addition to having functions that link it with the production of reproductive cells. It is also known that testosterone has a strong relationship with aspects related to mood, the feeling of well-being and also with aggressiveness.

Testosterone, in addition to being produced in an endogenous environment, must, in some cases, be used exogenously, that is, by injections of synthetic testosterone. This is usually the case for individuals with andropause or testosterone deficiency levels.

However, we know that today, due to the factors and characteristics of testosterone generated in the body, it is among the most used substances in sport, after all, to optimize factors such as:

  • Increased muscle mass;
  • Reduction of fatigue (tiredness);
  • Increased resistance;
  • Reduction in the percentage of body fat;
  • Increased metabolism;
  • Reduction in cortisol levels.

However, when used exogenously, it is usually not administered in its pure form, since its duration (half-life) would be very short in the body.

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Thus, it is usually linked with an "ester", which is a compound that causes it to have long-term actions in the body, thus preventing the individual from having to make very constant testosterone administrations.

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Among the various testosterone esters, we can mention the enanthatethe propionatethe phenylproionatethe decanoate and of course the Cypionate, known to some by its trade name "Deposteron".

Main features of Deposteron

Before we get into that, we have to make one thing clear: Testosterone cypionate is not stronger than another testosterone linked with another ester like enanthate.

It just has remarkable features that make it more interesting for some people and, of course, in certain situations as well.

Testosterone cypionate is a synthetic version of testosterone. It has an anabolism and androgenicity ratio (male characteristics) of 100, that is, equal to that of pure testosterone.

He's powerfully anabolic and is a great anabolic for increasing strength and muscle mass, due also to the increase in muscle nitrogen levels.

all about deposteron

It is also capable of raising the levels of another anabolic hormone, the IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1), thereby increasing its anabolic power.

It also increases the levels of satellite cells that can later be muscle cells, in addition to binding to the androgen receptor, making the body, for example, burn more fat Also.

This anabolic also stimulates blood oxygenation, which is very important for a perfect distribution of nutrients to the different tissues of the body (including muscle tissue)

Like any other types of testosterone, Deposteron also makes the energy metabolism have a higher speed and, of course, better use too, generating higher levels of ATP.

Thus, you will have less chances of using improperly the macronutrients you consume, thus being able to optimize your protein synthesis, the synthesis of glycogen and inhibit catabolic hormones.

Science does not explain it very precisely yet, but in practice it is known that longer esters of testosterone, such as cypionate, cause the body to have greater capacity for fluid retention.

This can be beneficial, especially in offseason (mass increase period)therefore, it causes a better anabolic environment, in addition to also protecting tendons, ligaments and joints.

Obviously, in the cutting (loss of body fat), this may not be very interesting, so the use of short esters such as testosterone propionate is more indicated.

The half-life of testosterone cypionate is on average 6 dayshowever, it can be detectable in the body for much longer periods, so for individuals who are subject to some kind of doping test, extra attention may be required.

Finally, it is worth remembering that, due to the increase in metabolism, Deposteron can increase hunger, which is great for individuals who are in the stage of gaining muscle mass and need to eat in larger quantities.

The administration of Deposteron

Deposteron is found only in the injectable form, in the form of oil. Its use as an anabolic to increase performance and better and faster results is done with a dose of 400mg weekly (initially).

However, everything can depend on the individual needs and characteristics of each person. It is not difficult to find individuals who consume more than 2g of testosterone cypionate per day.

Remember that, due to the relatively long half-life of testosterone cypionate, it can only be administered once a week.

deposteron administration

However, if you feel more comfortable, you can do 2 applications (half the total weekly dose) per week.

Because it is testosterone and, therefore, because it is highly androgenic (which causes male characteristics), women should not use this anabolic, due to the high risks of virilization and even the excess fluid that they will retain.

Cycles with Deposteron

Deposteron is normally used in bulking cycles (mass gain) and longer cycles may be interesting for your use.

Because it is a testosterone, the basis of almost every type of cycle, can be combined with numerous other substances as boldenone, the nandrolonethe dianabolthe masteronthe primobolan, the trenbolone etc.

However, due to its characteristics related to water retention, it is not advisable to be mixed with anabolic steroids that aim at higher muscle quality such as stanozolol, masteron and primobolan.

However, more powerful anabolic steroids for bulking such as oxymetholone (Hemogenin), Dianabol, nandrolone and boldenone may be more interesting.

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Collateral effects

The main side effects brought by Deposteron are:

  • Male characteristics (especially in women)

Testosterone is highly androgenic. Therefore, the voice thickening, acne, oily skin, hair loss (baldness), increased aggression, excessive hair growth among others, they can occur. Also, in women, there may be deformation of the genital region and reduction in the size of the breasts.

  • HPT axis suppression

When the body understands that there is an excess substance in it, its tendency is to reduce it in some way and, among them, it is suppressing the natural production, in this case, testosterone.

Therefore, the body suppresses the HPT axis and, therefore, hormones such as FSH and LH are suppressed. Consequently, if the gonads are not stimulated, they will not produce testosterone.

  • Flavoring

Because it is in excess in the body, testosterone can be converted to estrogen, especially by the aromatase enzyme.

Thus, problems such as water retention, increased blood pressure, fat gain, bone changes and gynecomastia (appearance of breasts in men) may occur.

  • Infertility

Due to the suppression of the HPT axis, exogenous testosterone can cause the individual to develop infertility, either due to the suppression of LH and FSH, as well as due to the non-response of the sites stimulated by these 2 hormones.

  • Testicular atrophy

Again, due to the suppression of the HPT axis, we may have irreversible pictures of testicular atrophy and / or loss of its functions.

  • Growth disorders (in adolescents)

Sexual maturation occurs after about 21 years and any use of anabolic steroids before that can impair growth and even alter the quality of your sexual maturation, causing damage that can be irreversible.

  • Application issues

The original pharmacy Deposteron is marketed in 2ml ampoules of 200mg each. Therefore, the individual usually does not have problems in the application, unless he does not take the proper care of asepsis and application techniques.

However, we know that most clandestine laboratories use concentrations greater than 200mg to 300mg per ml.

Therefore, in some more sensitive individuals, this can result in problems at the site of applications and inflammation. So pay close attention to that!

  • Lack of cholesterol

Deposteron can cause an increase in cholesterol levels, reduce HDL (good) and increase LDL (bad), thus generating a wealth of cardiovascular problems. It is good to highlight the importance of a good diet to control this side effect!

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Women and Deposteron

Deposteron is testosterone, that is, the main male androgenic hormone. So he not recommended for women, not even where testosterone replacement is needed.

women and anabolic steroids

This is because, the dosage alone is already very high and the long-lasting effects on the body are also not adequate. This can cause several problems such as:

  • Voice thickening;
  • Increased hair growth (including on the face);
  • Deformation of the genital region;
  • Reduction in breast size;
  • Infertility;
  • Among others.

Some women of very high competitive level in the category of bodybuilding end up using this substance, but the side effects listed are quite noticeable in their appearance.

So, if these are not your goals (including facing the virilization side effects) this is not an anabolic for you woman.

The commercialization of Deposteron

Today, Deposteron can be found in pharmacies (sold with a prescription) by the laboratory Sigma PharmaBy EMS among others.

However, due to the greater difficulty in having an average prescription on hand, most users choose to use deposteron from clandestine laboratories.

If it has due origin, there will be no differences or problems in its use, however, always make sure the product you are going to use (if it is original).

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Testosterone cypionate, usually found under the brand name Deposteron, is one of the most used anabolics, especially in bulking cycles (mass gain).

With characteristics known for increasing lean mass, strength and performance, this is a very versatile substance which can be combined with many other anabolic steroids.

However, due to its possible side effects, it is interesting to know how to prevent it properly, as well as, dribble possible side effects during and after its use.

Good cycles!

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