Endomorphs: 6 Tips to Improve Bodybuilding Results!

Ectomorphs, endomorphs e mesomorphs are the three types of bodies that exist. If you fit the profiles of endomorphs, You're in the right place! In this article we will better understand this biotype.

An endomorphic individual is one who has characteristics in his physique and metabolism such as: broad bones (especially in the waist and lower limbs), the ease in gaining fat and, at the same time, the difficulty in increasing muscle tissue. In addition, they have the slow metabolism and poor insulin response.

These individuals usually struggle to conquer a dream body, because they are between the cross and the sword: If they try to increase the lean mass, they end up gaining fat very easily and being retained. If they try to cut to reduce the percentage of body fat, they end up not being satisfied with their low muscle volume.

Thinking about it, in this article we prepare 6 super tips that will help the endomorph to build the body he always wanted. Learn about food, training, exercise intensities and MUCH MORE!

Let's go together?

1- Beware of carbohydrate consumption

Os Carboidratos they have a capacity to generate energy to the body very easily and, likewise, energy that if it is in excess or at inappropriate times, can also be converted into fat easily.

Many endomorphic individuals simply have trauma from carbohydrates and take them out of their diets. But, this is a mistake! Endomorphs need to consume carbohydrates, yes, but properly.

mixes simple complex whole carbohydrates

To facilitate understanding, we will list some important points that must be taken into account before consuming carbohydrates.

1st point: Quantity

Usually, the ideal is for the endomorphic individual to use around 25% of the calories of the carbohydrate diet. For example, if your diet has 2000Kcal, your need for carbohydrates is 500Kcal, that is, 125g of carbohydrates daily.

To make this count, just know that, on average, a diet consists of 40% protein, 35% lipids and 25% carbohydrates, and that each 1g of carbohydrate has 4Kcal.

2nd point: The types of carbohydrates

Preferably, use complex and more fibrous carbohydrates, to assist in the control of postprandial glycemic response and also in appetite. Fibrous carbohydrates also help the body to not absorb excess fats.

In general, use carbohydrates such as: sweet potatothe facethe yamthe rice (parabolized or whole, preferably) and oats are excellent options.

There is no need for endomorphs to use carbohydrates as supplements in the immediate post-workout (unless you have a specific strategy.).

If there is a real need, use the Waxy Maize, the palatinosis, D-ribose or Vitargo. A mix of two or more of them can also be interesting in specific cases.

3rd point: The moment you should consume carbohydrates

Use them close to training (before and after). Try not to consume too much carbohydrate when you are doing little or no physical activity.

Thus, don't cut the carbs out of your diet. Doing so will simply slow down your metabolism and not help you at all.

2- Eat fish

Fish are amazing foods. They are sources of proteins of high biological value, are great sources of micronutrients such as iron, the match, the zinc, iodine, among others.

They are also excellent sources of Omega 3 (fish from cold and deep waters), have a good digestion, since they are not usually fibrous like beef or even white meat from birds.

Especially lean fish and those rich in omega-3s should be the preference of endomorphs.

In the case of lean fish (tilapia, halibut, gold, painted without skin), they will provide the proteins you need in the diet and with very low levels of fats.

endomorphs should consume more fish

And increasing micronutrients such as iodine in the diet, for example, are essential in energy metabolism (since it is essential in the production of thyroid hormones that control much of the metabolism).

The fatty fish rich in omega-3s, such as salmon, mackerel and Norwegian sardines, are excellent for improving the body's anti-inflammatory processes (reducing muscle stress, the tendency to accumulate body fat, etc.).

In addition, they improved blood lipid and lipid-carrying lipoprotein levels to improve testosterone levels, among other benefits.

Remember that you must be careful to acquire, transport, store and prepare the fish. They usually spoil easily and are largely responsible for food poisoning when consumed improperly.

3- Drink enough water

In addition to being able to accumulate fat, endomorphs are very easy to retain liquids very easily. Women who have this biotype suffer even more from it.

In addition to severely impairing muscle definition, excess fluid retention can harm health, especially with regard to high blood pressure. Therefore, controlling retention levels is a must for endomorphs.

endomorphic biotypes must ingest good levels of water

Many people think that the reason for the retention is sodium, only that it is one of the least responsible for it. Despite being a mineral that can carry water with it, there are compounds that carry much more, such as carbohydrates, for example. They even carry twice as much water as sodium.

Normally, water retention is associated with inadequate water consumption, especially if it is insufficient. Yet, excess water is not interestingas it can eliminate many minerals needed by your body.

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However, when there is little water consumption, the body understands that it needs to hold it, as it does not know when it will be available again, and as the body needs a lot of water to function, it ends up retaining more liquid to have what it needs when it needs it.

The lack of water can generate problems related to metabolism in general, after all, for chemical reactions to occur in the body, the compounds need to be together with water.

Especially endomorphs tend to have a hormonal metabolism very inclined to accumulate subcutaneous water (under the skin), therefore, drinking enough water is a must.

Normally, around 50ml / kg is sufficient, but I recommend that you try ingest 60-80ml / kg on average. Therefore, if you weigh 80kg, you should consume, more or less, 4,8L to 6,4L per day.

4- Practice aerobic exercises properly

Os endomorphs need to practice more aerobic activities not only to spend more calories, but also to assist in physiological processes that signal the burning of fat (especially by hormonal releases).

However, many people understand this inappropriately and end up doing too much aerobic exercise, which is also not legal.

If, on the one hand, the lack of aerobic activities is terrible for the endomorph, the excess is even worsebecause it causes the body to secrete a large amount of catabolic neurotransmitters, such as adrenaline and norepinephrine.

endomorphs should practice aerobic exercises

Also, if energy expenditure and stress are very large, the body understands that it will have to “preserve” its energy reserves (body fat) and will make it even more difficult to use (fat burning) to generate energy.

Therefore, there are several strategies that can be used by endomorphs, varying from person to person. Of the main ones, we can highlight two:

1st: Aerobics at high intensity

Usually in sessions after weight training. In fact, it is worth remembering that Aerobic exercises should not be done before weight training.

This strategy aims especially to promote signs of burning body fat by enzymatic processes and the high EPOC (excess oxygen consumption).

I recommend the method HIIT, which are high intensity interval exercises.

2 °: Aerobic of light to moderate intensity

For slightly longer periods of time, usually targeting only caloric expenditure. In this case, the best thing to do is to perform the training with a space of at least 6 hours of the weight training. That is, if you train weight training at 19h, you should perform this aerobic until 12:XNUMX.

Usually in the reverse period of training, that is, if you do weight training at night, you will do aerobics in the morning and if you train weight training in the morning you will do aerobics at night.

You can mix the different types of strategies depending on your needs and, of course, your body's individual response to these different stimuli.

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5- Don't waste time with very bulky weight training

Although endomorphs require a slightly higher training volume than ectomorphs, they don’t need to do those training sessions with a lot of volume and that take a long time.

Normally, good bodybuilding workouts are around 50-70 minutes (being the longest time for muscle groups like the lower and dorsal members).

endomorphs should not overdo the training

That's because, excess volume in training, does not bring intensity, but unnecessary stress and also the secretion of hormones and catabolic neurotransmitters.

The training needs to be intense and not time consuming. That is, you do not need to spend 1 hour in the gym for training to be intense. Usually, when more than that happens, your training did not have the necessary intensity.

A good weight training for endomorphs can be done around five times a week. He can use several divisions, focusing on something like 3-5 exercises for the larger muscle groups and 2-3 exercises for the smaller groups. The sets can be around 3-4 with about 8-15 repetitions.

6- Pay special attention to your arms

Endomorphs, whether men or women, tend to have more bulky lower limbs, giving a disproportion to the trunk.

Usually, the trunk ends up looking “small”, given the large lower limbs and the wide waist. Especially the arms of an endomorph suffer a lot from this.

Thus, it is essential that he can focus on the biceps and triceps to achieve greater proportionality and to appear great in all aspects.

endomorphs should pay more attention to arm training

But, you must keep in mind the need to emphasize these groups (arms), with different training strategies, with different stimuli, etc.

A good tip is to use one day of the week only for training biceps and triceps, in an ABCDE division, for example. This will make you have a total focus on these muscles and can develop them better, giving a better aspect to your shape too.

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We were able to understand that endomorphs, despite the greater difficulty in aesthetic gains, should not be discouraged, as the results are certain and possible as long as he does things correctly and uses strategies and tips that are appropriate for him.

So do not neglect small details and, above all, be persistent and always adapt to your individual needs, both in diet and training.

Good training!

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