Meet 3 Indispensable Supplements for Women

We know that in order to obtain a “dream body”, the use of supplements, in the correct way, is indispensable. And this is no different for women! So I need to tell you about 3 supplements that I consider indispensable for women who want to get the maximum results from weight training.

More and more we see women taking care of weight training gyms, and this is wonderful, after all weight training is for all of us! Those who observed this were also the supplement industries, which started producing supplements dedicated to women.

But as we know, the intention of the supplement industry is to make money… So not everything they launch means that it is effective (Read: 5 Supplements Women Should Not Use) and so we need to know well what is really good and what is not.

So, in this article I want to show you, woman, 3 indispensable supplements that you shouldn't give up. These supplements will help your aesthetic results, performance and health, seeking to prevent diseases and other disorders very common in women.

Let's go to them!

1- Creatine

If you are a woman and have read the word "creatine" you must have thought that I am crazy or even panicked. But, CALM! THE creatine is rather a supplement indicated for women, and I’ll explain why.

In general, our main “energy currency” is called ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) and, when we are in the first moments of weight training, it is used and changes to ADP (adenosine di-phosphate) because it loses a phosphate molecule to make the muscle work.

Therefore, the creatine has the function of restoring this phosphate molecule, causing it to become ATP again and can generate energy for the muscles. This results in prolonged physical activity, increased stamina and strength. Creatine also has the ability to increase muscle volume, increase muscle capacity as a whole, assist in the growth of muscle fibers, etc..

Creatine Pot

Often, creatine is misunderstood by women, as there is a MYTH that the supplement will make it “retained”, impair its definition, put on weight, etc. It turns out that none of this occurs. The retention brought by creatine does not impair muscle definition, as it is an intramuscular (within the muscle) and not subcutaneous (under the skin) retention. Creatine will also not put on weight, as it is not a source of calories.

Even in the cutting phase, creatine is indicated, since it will increase the strength that will be impaired in view of the energy restriction that occurs in this period.

It is known that physical activities can significantly improve with the use of creatine, especially with regard to strength. And this will be extremely beneficial for you woman, because with more intense physical activity, the better your results will be.

I recommend somewhere around 0,1g / kg of creatine per day for women, that is, for a 60kg woman, something around 6g / day is enough. This intake should be done preferably after weight training and, if possible, accompanied by a high glycemic index carbohydrate shake, as waxy maize ou maltodextrin.

2- Multivitamins “for her”

Today, there is a range of supplements called "for her", that is, supplements indicated "for them". In general, most of these supplements are more marketing than effective, for example a normal protein and protein "for them", what's the difference? None!

However, some supplements, such as multivitamins, or multivitamins, this separation is interesting. That's because, the female organism is different from the male organism, and when it comes to vitamins and minerals, women need different nutrients than men.

Multivitamin Pot

For example, women need higher amounts of iron, due to menstruation, higher amounts of calcium, especially during menopause, among others. Therefore, multivitamins that are aimed at women will more effectively meet their needs.

Nowadays, most brands already charge the same amount for normal supplements and supplements "for them", so the price is no longer an impediment.

Note: I want to make it clear that women can use normal supplements too, if they want, but by using “for them”, in some cases, they will be able to further optimize their results (especially health) with the precision that multivitamins (for her) bring.

3- Vitamin D3

We talked about multivitamins before, but I want to highlight a vitamin that has been talked about a lot in recent years and that can greatly help the female audience: A vitamin D3.

The first thing to know is that this fat-soluble vitamin is obtained mainly through the sun. Therefore, our body converts the UV rays into Vitamin D3. However, more than 70% of the population (especially those in countries with low sun incidence) are deficient in it.

Vitamin D3 has fundamental roles in calcium metabolism, is an antioxidant and is also an essential vitamin in maintaining and / or increasing physiological levels of testosterone levels. It is also linked to increased strength, endurance and muscle capacity.

Jar of Vitamin D3


Women usually tend to have greater bone softening, lower levels of testosterone (essential to increase or prevent lean mass, improve performance, reduce body fat, etc.) and tend to have lower strength and endurance capabilities than men.

With the use of vitamin D3, in addition to these benefits, antioxidant effects are also achieved, which will prevent damage and cell death, helping to fight aging, improve skin and etc.

Today, there is talk of relatively high dosages of vitamin D3 for these functions, and without risk of toxicity (even though it is fat-soluble). Something around of 5000-10000UI of vitamin D3 per day that's enough.


There are many supplements that we can use to facilitate our nutrition and help us achieve our goals. However, these 3 above are the ones I consider indispensable for women who want to have good aesthetic and health results.

Before saying that this or that is a bad supplement, make use of it, test it and see how your body will react.

Don't believe everything you read out there, as many things are done just to manipulate you!

Good supplementation!

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