Bodybuilding Music: Understand the Benefits!

You have one playlist suitable for bodybuilding training? Know that the vast majority of athletes have! This because, there are several positive effects of listening to music during weight training.

Including music in your weight training, or in any other sport, can be extremely effective and greatly increase performance and, consequently, results.

But is there a standard style of music? Can I hear what I like or do I have to hear a specific beat? Does music have a direct effect on muscle mass gain or weight loss? The answer to these and other questions will be answered in our article.

To try to better understand this factor that can hinder or help in training, we have prepared this article. In it we will understand together the effects of music on weight training, what are its benefits, if there are harms, what rhythms to listen to and much more!

Come on?

Music and Bodybuilding

When we get to the gym, one of the first things we can notice is the music. In fact, without music, a gym seems strange, doesn't it? It is as if something is missing.

Long before researchers began to understand the effects of music during physical exercise, gyms have adopted it as a custom. Wherever in the WORLD you go to a gym, make sure it has speakers and music rolling.

We can note, however, that although gym members have songs available on the speakers, many of them prefer to train listening to their own music, with their own headphones.

effects of music on bodybuilding

That's because, when we put the headphones on, “we forget about the outside world” and focus only on our main objective at that moment, which is training.

In addition, there are many people who just go to the gym to chat and forget to train. In this case, the headphones they are a great strategy to get rid of those "boring" that only serve to get in the way.

Benefits of music in bodybuilding

Most people love music (each with their own taste, of course) and in the case of bodybuilders it is no different. Including, music (in most cases) can even help with performance.

Here are the main benefits of music in a weight training workout:

  • More pleasure to train

Let's agree: under stress we can't do anything well, can we? In the case of bodybuilding it is the same thing, even more this being a sport that requires focus and concentration.

When we listen to a song we like, our body understands that it is also good for it and releases less stress-related hormones, such as cortisol, the adrenalina and norepinephrine.

The effects of these hormones can be harmful (albeit in the long run) to our health. This is because, when we have high levels of stress, blood vessels shrink and the chances of having a cardiac arrhythmia increase.

Other negative effects of stress on our body are: diabetes risk, damage to the thyroid gland, cognitive problems, gastrointestinal diseases, problems in sexual performance, Among others.

Moreover, music during training has the power to release much larger amounts of pleasure-related hormones, well-being and happiness, such as dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin e Serotonin.

  • Greater resistance

This is easier to do in longer lasting physical activities, such as race e cycling. According to science, the athlete's resistance increases when he synchronizes his movements with the rhythm of the music he is listening to.

In the case of cyclists, when pedaling is performed in conjunction with the beat of the song, the athlete can spend up to 7% less oxygen.

In this way, training gets more and more optimized and the results, whatever they may be, will come faster than you expected.

  • Music is a great stimulant

Music can be compared as an energy drink for some people: the higher the beat rate, the more stimulating it will be for the body and, especially, for the mind. But this is quite relative.

benefits of music in bodybuilding


For example: if you arrive at the gym already busy, of course you don't need to listen to a song with 130 - 150 beats per minute, do you?

In that case, a quieter song (not that makes you sleepy) is more recommended. Stimulation is not about rhythm itself, but about the emotional moment you are in.

  • Less tired feeling

Brain stimuli caused by good music make our bodies adapt better to the environment. In this way, we are able to do what we need as if we were on “autopilot”.

That is, our body knows that it is tired, even so, it does not have the urgency to stop and rest. Also, with music, lesser amounts of catabolic hormones are released as glucocon.

The less catabolic hormones our bodies produce, the greater the chances of results in bodybuilding, such as gaining muscle mass. Catabolic hormones tend to destroy our skinny.

  • Less sensation of effort

Music has the power to "trick your brain". That's because, with it, a workout of more than 1 hour can seem like a workout of a few minutes. However, this becomes more effective in longer lasting workouts, such as running and cycling.

This is because, these modalities are more "automatic" for the brain, leaving you free to concentrate on music while the body does not stop working.

For bodybuilding the ideal is not to exceed 60 minutes of training. So be careful with that, as you may end up training more than necessary and not getting results.

In this case, the recommended is to listen to songs in the language you understand. That way, you can focus on the story that the song tells and “forget” that you are training.

  • Improved mood

This is very personal and relative, but in most cases, good music with headphones elevates the mood making your day more productive (depending on the time of your training, of course).

This is also associated with pleasure hormones, such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphin e oxytocin, as mentioned before.

In a good mood, you even see the exercises in a more positive way, making you perform them much better.

Can music hinder bodybuilding performance?

It depends!

Some people can do absolutely everything by listening to music: working, studying, practicing physical activities such as weight training. However, there are people who cannot do this kind of thing.

In the case of these people, they either focus on the music or they focus on the task at hand. Doing two things at the same time would be impossible. And if you are that person, I recommend that you focus, then, only on bodybuilding and exercise, as a mistake can cause an injury or worse.

In addition, many people depend on Physical Education professionals to be able to perform their exercises correctly. Thus, individual music, that is, with headphones, can hinder communication.

Therefore, depending on the case, individual music with a headset is not suitable for all bodybuilders. If you have no concentration problems and the music makes you feel stimulated and with all the benefits above, use and abuse! However, if you have problems with communication or concentration, just enjoy the gym's ambient music!

Better rhythms to listen to during training

This is perhaps the most relative topic of this article, after all, each person has a different taste, especially when it comes to music, which is a national passion, isn't it?

Some prefer more hectic rhythms to “have more energy” and be able to face a dense workout after a tiring day. Other people prefer to train to the sound of more peaceful and relaxing melodies.

how music influences bodybuilding

The academies themselves have their own specific strategies for choosing the best pace. For example: in the morning, when everyone is still “waking up”, the best option is a quieter song (but that doesn't make you sleepy).

Gradually, as the day goes on, the pace becomes more agitated. At peak times, when the number of people is greater (usually at night), the rhythm of the music tends to be even more agitated, in order to stimulate their training.


This is one of the most relative topics in the sports world to be discussed in a single article. This is because, musical preference varies greatly from person to person.

However, we managed to pass on some scientific points as to what good music can influence in most bodybuilding practitioners.

If you have any tips on music in bodybuilding and that have improved your results, comment below, we will be happy to help other people with their own experiences.

Good training!

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