Banana brown dessert

In this article, we will know a great dessert for those who are in offseason which allows you to escape a little bit from the diet routine and eat something different and at the same time nutritious.

Banana dessert

Are you tired of your diet? Here is a great option for a day of less polluted garbage…


50g of fine rolled oats or oatmeal

350ml skimmed milk

Sweetener to taste

1/2 pineapple flavored gelatin envelope

40g banana flavored whey protein

Poop flavor essence to taste


Add, over medium heat, the oats, the sweetener and the milk. Mix and expect to turn into a thick porridge (be careful not to lump). After cold, add the whey protein and mix.

Prepare the gelatin according to the instructions and add a few drops of the poop essence, to beat a “piña colada” flavor.

After that, let the gelatin harden in the refrigerator.

Pour the porridge onto a plate and serve the gelatin on top of it.

One option is to serve hot porridge and cold gelatin, or even let them both freeze before consumption.

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