Meet 13 Tips to Improve Your Bodybuilding Results

If you fell here it is because you are not seeing results of your daily effort at the gym, am I right? Have you ever stopped to think that if you change some things in your routine these results will appear?

Some bodybuilding tips may be simpler than you think!

Many people end up discouraged and end up giving up bodybuilding, thinking that the problem is just "lack of genetics". My friends, allow me to say that this is great nonsense!

However, it's no use just reading these bodybuilding tips or any other article on the internet that talks about it if you don't put anything into practice.

One of the main factors that generate results in bodybuilding is precisely the attitude!

So, my dear reader, I invite you to continue with me in this article and get to know 13 bodybuilding tips that are sure to boom your results.

I guarantee it will be worth investing a few minutes in this reading!

Come on?

1- Focus more on the intensity of your training

The intensity must involve the maximum possible load within an established pattern, but without impairing the movement, that is, without performing it wrongly, at the risk of suffering an injury.

It should also not interfere with your muscle resting time between sets, nor should it increase the variety of exercises in your workout too much.

bodybuilding intensity

That is, for your training to be intense and to generate significant results, you need to be concerned not only with the increase in load, but also with the correct way in which you will perform the movements.

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2- Leave the "comfort zone"

Comfort zone is a term used to define situations in which people do not risk something different and which may bring positive results. They manage to give more of themselves and do not try, be it out of laziness, fear, discouragement or any other factor.

In the world of bodybuilding this is no different. In other words, everyone wants results, defined bodies, they want to grow, however, nobody wants to grate, suffer, strive, feel pain, get short of breath.

comfort zone bodybuilding

The reality is bare and raw: If your training is nice and / or comfortable, forget it! It will not bring you any results.

I don't mean that you should become a professional bodybuilder overnight, but rather that if you don't make the 40 or 60 minutes at the gym really worth it, you will have wasted your time and money.

3- Don't want quick results

One of the biggest reasons that people give up to continue in bodybuilding is the lack of patience, that is, they want results in the first months, which in bodybuilding is something practically impossible to happen.

Weight training takes time so that the countless metabolic processes of our body can occur correctly, to the point of causing the muscle to develop at the right time.

weight training result time

So, when you understand that this process takes time, you will just train and “forget about time”. This will make you not so anxious for results that you get discouraged and give up going to the gym.

4- You need to rest properly

From the moment you train hard, your rest should be proportional to the stimulus.

Otherwise, instead of building something positive, we are just overloading the muscles, which is not good for anyone who wants real results.

I recommend that intense training be given at least 4 or 5 days of rest for a relatively small muscle group. For larger and more complex groups such as legs and backs, 7 days may be required.

bodybuilding rest

In addition to the rest between a repetition of training, it is also important to consider the importance of total rest, that is, the "off days" (days which, you keep the diet and do not train at all).

This "off day" can be done 1 to 3 times a week.

5- Do not increase the load, increase the intensity!

We are aware that to increase training intensity, there are several possibilities, such as increased load, increased training volume, reduced rest time, the use of techniques, etc.

However, most people who are starting out in weight training believe that just putting too much "weight" is enough to generate results, when in reality, it is not quite how it works.

correct bodybuilding intensity

We know that extremely voluminous and long workouts can generate muscle catabolism (loss of mass), can reduce metabolic rates, can increase the wear and tear of the central nervous system and reduce results.

However, when we managed to increase the intensity not only with load, but with the use of techniques, with the improvement of movements, with a greater power of muscle contraction, among other points, we certainly achieved much more expressive results.

Therefore, always try to increase the intensity and reduce the volume of training duration as much as possible. A good workout should be no longer than 60 minutes, with 40-50 minutes being the most recommended.

6- Maintain a connection between your mind and your muscles

I usually say that weight training is 50% physical and 50% mental.

That's because, without a doubt, your mind rules your body and there is nothing he can do without her agreeing. This is precisely why we say that the mind and muscle connection are essential.

connection between mucules and mind

When we have a good neuromotor control and we manage to control the contraction of each muscle through the mind, that is, by concentrating the necessary movement with the action of the target muscles, we are able to work them much more efficiently.

In other words, it's no use exaggerating "pulling weight" if you don't know what you're doing. Understanding how your muscles work is one of the best ways to get results.

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7- Focus on your diet

Diet is one of the main pillars to obtain good results in bodybuilding, however, you cannot think that eating a “little thing” or something that is not in your diet will not get in the way, it will!

focus on diet

This is bad for 3 reasons:

  1. You end up eating excessively calories -  Even if your goal is to gain muscle mass and not necessarily lose weight, this will be bad, because you will not be gaining muscle, but fat.
  2. These “pinched” foods are never healthy - I don't see people “pinching” lettuce leaves or pieces of radish, but candies, sweets and other nonsense that hinder their results.
  3. You constantly stimulate small insulin production -  Although this is a fundamental hormone in protein synthesis, when in excess, it becomes lipogenic and, the cells begin to become resistant to it.

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So, there is no point in dedicating yourself every day and even going through financial difficulties to maintain a good diet, since you eat “junk” between one meal and another. These “crap” are detrimental to your results.

8- Do aerobic training during the “Offseason” (mass gain)

Normally, most people perform aerobic training only in the fat reduction phase corporeal, that is, when they want to burn more calories. However, this is a big mistake!

Aerobic workouts are interesting for the cardiovascular system, to improve insulin sensitivity and, of course, to help even appetite, for those who have difficulty eating.

Although weight training is anaerobic, we have to consider that your recovery is aerobic. Therefore, if we don't do aerobic workouts, our recovery from weight training will also be impaired.

Aerobic training in mass gain period

However, don't overdo it! Excessive aerobic training can cause muscle catabolism (weight loss).

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9- Do not eat only when you are hungry

To have significant results in bodybuilding and even to ensure a better quality of life, we need nutrients that perform metabolic processes in our body and these nutrients are present in food.

Therefore, we should not necessarily eat when we are hungry or not, but when we need to eat to keep ourselves properly nourished.

bodybuilding power

Suppose you left training and are not hungry ... Would it be worth leaving your body without nutrients at such an important time? Certainly not! So, you need to eat what your body needs to recover!

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Don't wait hungry to go eatafter all, normally when we do this, we go out eating whatever we see ahead, and we end up eating everything we shouldn't eat.

This causes the results that have been built for so long to suffer overnight.

10- Use the free weights

Most of the people who enter the gym end up doing most of the executions on machines, either because of "safety" or because "it is easier" to execute a certain movement.

In reality, these people do not know how much they are failing to get good results by leaving out of their free weight training routine.

use free weights in weight training exercises

This is because, they make your body need greater stability, making your muscles better worked, in addition to improving your concentration levels.

Thus, try to use more free weights if you want really significant results.

Machines must be inserted only in specific cases and / or as a complement to the weight training routine in order to improve a specific point and not necessarily to develop the general capacities of the body.

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11- Avoid anabolic steroids as much as possible

Nabolics are able to increase muscle mass, reduce the percentage of fat, increase physical capacities (strength, speed, etc.) among other requirements. However, they can also be harmful.

This is because, despite the use of these substances improve performance in training and it is very advantageous for those who want faster results, often with these results, come the collateral effects.

avoid using anabolic steroids

Generally, those who use anabolic steroids know the risks they are subject to and that they must use constantly, since interruptions, that is, only using certain periods can be harmful as well.

So, if you do not intend to become a professional bodybuilder, where you will have to dedicate everything of yourself, do not use any type of anabolic.

Be calm, try to do everything right: training, diet, rest, supplementation (if necessary), and you’ll see how the results appeared, even if they take longer. At least, you will not be putting your health at risk.

12 Don't insist on something that harms you or harms you

A competitive athlete has to do some things even when he doesn't want to. However, this does not mean that he should go out doing everything he does not like, in order to have no more pleasure in anything, whether in training or even in the diet.

How often do I see people who hate this or that food, and only eat because they know they will generate good results. The problem with this is that these people always end up dissatisfied.

lack of pleasure in bodybuilding

In the same way, there are exercises that may not fit well with a person, but he insists on doing it, just thinking about the result, even though he knows that his body is giving signals to stop.

I'm not telling you to stop fulfilling your tasks, but rather, that you try to reconcile your training routine and diets with the things that make you feel good, thus preventing you from becoming discouraged and giving up on bodybuilding.

13- Have your own training program

The results of many athletes are inspirations for many people to start practicing bodybuilding. However, they think they should copy the same training from these athletes or from other people who have had good results.

On the contrary, when a novice in bodybuilding tries to follow the training of people who are years in this sport, he often ends up doing badly, since their training is quite advanced.

specific training program

This can easily create an injury or worse at the beginning of your journey, causing you to give up before you even start effectively.

We must understand that each person has its own genetics. Therefore, it is useless to want to copy the training of the colleague thinking that it will have the same results as him.

Ask your gym teacher to set up a specific training for you and that meets the individual needs of your body.

If you think it's valid, ask for tips also from these guys that you admire and dream of having s just like theirs. After all, nothing better than learning from those who know, right?

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Thus, we can understand that many people are unable to obtain good results in bodybuilding due to the lack of simple attitudes to be applied, such as the tips that were given in this article.

So, to help execute these tips and more things that help ensure good results for you, nothing better than having a professional at your side, do you agree?

Well then, I invite you to know the Perfect Consulting program. It is a training program and diets created by me to help you reach the desired goal, be it mass gain, fat burning or any other.

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Good training!

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