Learn 4 Tips to Improve Your Triceps Workout!

Get good results in triceps workout is one of the biggest difficulties found in the world of bodybuilding, especially for beginners, who need to learn not only how to perform the exercises correctly, but also tips that can help in better results.

To obtain significant results in your triceps training, it is necessary to insert techniques and variations in the exercises in order to stimulate the muscles in a more intense and different way, in addition to knowing which exercises to perform and when is the right time to perform each one.

I'm sure you already asked your teacher for help at the gym and he certainly gave you a standard training program that doesn't take anyone anywhere.

To help you in this mission, we have prepared 4 triceps training tips that will improve your results. Read with the utmost attention and any questions that arise during the reading, feel free to ask in our comments, we all answered, ok?

Let's go then?

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Now, good start reading!

1- Make a good preparation / warm-up

Like any other muscles, the ulna (elbow) also needs a good warm-up and needs preparation so that it can perform its functions with excellence.

Also, so that you can also prevent injuries or the development of chronic diseases, such as epidondylitis (a disease that causes pain on the outside of the elbow) or some other type of joint pain.

For this, the most recommended is that you always start your triceps workout in some type of exercise that uses cables.

heating rope triceps

  1. First, because you can increase the load without having to stabilize too much right away, as you would in a free exercise.
  2. Second, because the cables are able to maintain a continuous voltage, which will make it, from the beginning to the end of the exercise, have the same load.

In addition, the cables also allow an excellent amplitude and help to “warm up” the joints as you increase the loads.

Among the most recommended handles to start a workout, is the rope, because it allows a better range of motion, thus making the target muscle fully worked and the joint remains safe.

It is important to warn that you must increase the load. There is no point in wanting to do extremely heavy training just by warming up with very light loads.

2- Make basic, compound and multiarticular

Basic, compound and multiarticular exercises have an extreme ability to stimulate the increase of lean mass and also to promote improvements in the neuromotor system, quality of movement, balance and and so on.

You can even perform several isolated exercises for the triceps, but if you don't focus on using basic exercises to your advantage, forget it, as you will never have good triceps.

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Exercises of this nature stimulate large amounts of muscle fibers at once and that’s what makes them so powerful.

triceps barbell exercise

Always try to use these exercises with maximum efficiency, that is, execute them in the most correct way and, mainly, with a good amplitude.

In addition, use a maximum load that allows you, with maximum efficiency, to perform an average that can vary between 6 and 12 repetitions for each series of your triceps training.

Also vary the types of pressure exercises. Vary between: bench presses, with dumbbells or even on machines, vary between developments with sitting and standing bar, with dumbbells and also on machines and at different angles for both cases.

The more ways you can stimulate your muscles, the better it will develop, remembering that all these exercises must be done together, that is, in a single training.

3- Leave the exercises behind the head last in training

This because, they recruit the long muscle head very well. Due to the range of movement they allow, no other exercise can be compared to them and have greater efficiency for this purpose.

However, they strain the ligaments and the cubital joint (elbow) a lot, that is, the "fold" that connects the arm with the forearm.

French triceps exercise

When you leave the exercises behind your head for the last of the workout, you will already be fatigued (tired), which will prevent further use of loads and reduce the risk of injury to ligaments and joints.

In addition, it makes you value compound exercises at the beginning of training, as mentioned in the previous topic.

4- Finish your workout using your own body weight

Training for developing lean mass requires good amounts of load, that is, the maximum load you can take by performing the exercise correctly.

However, in addition to the weights, we can use our own body as resistance to generate an overload on the muscle.

triceps flexion exercise

In addition to this point, we consider that when we use our own weight in exercises, we recruit the neuromotor system, better balance, motor coordination, resistance, stability, among other items.

An excellent strategy that was, and still is, widely used among bodybuilders is precisely close triceps training using some exercise with your own body.

The most used in these cases are: flexing between benches (diving), parallel bars or push-ups (hands closest to each other).

These exercises help you to deplete the rest of your energy in your triceps and your body as a whole, as these are exercises that demand a lot from the entire body.

They are also great exercises for working with bigger repetitions, for stronger individuals. This will help to pump more blood into the muscles and enhance your results.


We can go so far as to understand that triceps are essential in both functional and aesthetic terms, whether for men or women.

However, many fail to develop them properly. For this, strategies and secrets shown here can greatly assist and make your results ever bigger, more progressive and long lasting.

Good training!

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